Speed is a primary service at Applewood.

Applewood is focused on providing the highest lever of customer service possible. Our normal course of business is providing a loan quote within 48 hours 24-7-365. And, we regularly fund transactions within 7-21 days from complete documentation. Creativity and flexibility are fundamental to our business. Reliability of service is the foundation from which Applewood has grown. We look forward to helping you with your needs for fast, creative, collateral based bridge financing.

Filling out the Loan Application and submitting it will result in timely professional service and in most cases will be faster than taking the extra time to go through a special review of your project. This special review process is provided for transactions that have some unusual or different components than a normal private money “Hard Money” loan. If there is reason you would like to discuss your transaction before filling out the Loan Application (SAME AS ABOVE) you may use the form provided here for a preliminary review by one of most our experienced loan officers.

If you would like you may go to the Help Request Form.

If you prefer you call our offices to speak with a loan officer by phone (480) 947-0042.