Applewood Funding, Inc. provides real estate loans that may not meet bank underwriting requirements and for borrowers who don’t have time to wait and see but have solid equity, a sound plan and solid exit strategy.

Incorporated in 1996, Applewood Funding Inc. (“Applewood”) is a premier, regional leader in non-conforming residential and commercial mortgage funding. Our management team has extensive experience in all phases of the mortgage business, including secondary marketing, risk management, underwriting to investor guidelines, funding and shipping, and warehouse lines of credit.

Our business is all about integrity, creativity, speed and reliability of service!

Applewood is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with an experienced team of loan originators, processors and underwriters. Applewood is licensed by the Arizona State Banking Department and is in compliance to do business in five other states within the region. Applewood provides wholesale funding for loans generated through an extensive network of mortgage companies, banks, and other financial institutions.

Our average close time is 3 weeks from inception!

If time is critical we can fund deals on the fly. If you have a hard money (real-estate backed) deal that fits our Lending Parameters gather your loan’s information and submit your loan online. We respond to online requests within 48 hours and can offer even faster turnaround Monday through Friday.