Applewood works diligently to build and preserve your investment

Real Estate Lending is characterized by making a loan to a borrower who executes a Promissory Note and Deed of Trust (also known as a “Trust Deed” or “Mortgage”) encumbering the borrower’s real property. The Promissory Note is the borrower’s promise to repay the loan. The Deed of Trust is a security instrument recorded with a County Recorder’s office, creating a lien on the real estate described therein.

A Trust Deed investment occurs when an Investor purchases the Note and Deed of Trust. Applewood raises capital for Trust Deed funding from private sources such as individuals, pension funds, IRAs, and Keoghs, as well as other entities as opposed to institutional sources such as banks and savings & loans.

Whether you are a private investor or a representative of a pension plan or institutional investor, Applewood has an investment product that may be suitable for you or your client.

Applewood funded more than 100 private real estate mortgages in the past 12 months.

More than $23,000,000 in high-yield trust deeds make up Applewood’s current investor portfolio.