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“If you have the real estate equity and a good plan we have the bridge money”

Private money lending refers to loans collateralized by real estate, with the decision to make a loan based primarily upon the protective equity in the property. To a lesser extent, the borrower’s credit history is also considered.

Creativity and flexibility are fundamental to our business

 Private money loans are needed when a borrower and/or a property fall outside the underwriting guidelines of conventional sources such as banks, life insurance companies, and conduits. The primary credit decision of those types of lenders is based upon the borrower’s credit and income.

Reliability of service is the foundation from which Applewood has grown

Applewood solicits, underwrites, processes and funds private money loans secured by the equity in real estate. After each request is processed, those that are approved are funded. The normal time to complete the processing and funding is 7 to 21 days.

Speed is a primary service at Applewood

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